About us

With passion and desire to constantly develop ourselves!

We are a digital agency based in Kraków, Poland, and our activity in the new media market dates back to 2006. Always engaged in anything that is creative, multimedia related, innovative and efficient in the Web - we are driven by new technologies and improving quality. We’re constantly checking the newest trends in order to follow up with more and less rapid changes.

We thrive on challenges! Our everyday work requires the ability to combine the attractiveness with the effectiveness. We are not scared to take on any difficult task where we can share our expertise and experience, as well as creative thinking skills. We take care of aesthetics, functionality and safety so whatever you need, you are in good hands.

We are versatile! We create customized solutions keeping in minds those that we have already developed and tested. Since the fresh start of our business we have completed dozens of projects, each of them being unique and requiring individual approach. We have been continuously expanding the range of our services, so that our customers have a full trust in giving us any task they have.



In order to guarantee top quality, all production processes are built in compliance with the Test-driven development approach and Agile/SCRUM methodology.

on time

We always meet deadlines.
Every task of each project is being tracked by us constantly - we use Redmine (PM tool).

cost efficient

Our cost models are flexible and transparent. We always estimate a project's budget before launching it - there are no hidden costs.

in touch

Our project managers, developers are available all the time on skype/mail/phone every working day. You can always get in touch with us.


Your ideas start to live thanks to us!

We offer a full range of Web development services including creating, supporting, evolving and optimizing Web solutions. We can be your virtual development department or we can cooperate with your development team in chosen fields! If you want to check out our previous work click here



We offer high quality websites development: web portals, e-commerce, corporate websites, etc.
We always deliver pixel perfect realisations with usable CMS.
In open source solutions we are specializing in Wordpress and Magento.



We develop custom applications basing on PHP (Zend Framework 2&3)
We can deliver every kind of Web solutions: business apps, e-learning, e-commerce, SaaS apps, facebook apps, etc.



Having big experience in Responsive Web Design we deliver web solutions that are always optimized for mobile devices.
We can also deliver mobile apps for IOS and Android.

Our skills:

Knowledge and experience

Krakow is the city where technology grows. There are majority of Polish digital agencies, software houses, the best IT colleges, schools and universities.
Our development specialists have great technical skills based on years of experiences and theoretical knowledge. We specialize in PHP / SQL / HTML / CSS / JavaScript development. Our designers are always full of creative and innovative ideas and their skills are based on thousands accomplished projects.

Ivision in numbers

  • 13 years of experience
  • over 500 developed projects
  • 20 proffesional team members
  • outsourcing services for over 8 countries
  • over 1200 working hours spent every month
  • our experience comes over 100 000 working hours


Our great design makes your business even greater!

In our offer you can find top quality graphic design services including: identity, branding, ui/ux, web, print and mobile design. We can provide you with at least 100 creative ideas for your project... but in most cases the first one is accepted by our clients ;) We can find a solution for any special task you have for us. Check our portfolio.


We offer a full range of branding services like: preparing logos, icons, business cards, leaflets, posters... and many, many others. If you’re looking for a new design, re-brand or just a simple brand upgrade - you’re looking in a right place. Our graphic designers can help you capture chosen target audience and will create striking branding for you and your company!

Web & Apps

We create web & apps design that will enhance your company’s brand, increase customer engagement, boost your sales and drive traffic. We know exactly how to build websites and applications that look great on each device. Let’s create an excellent product together!


Are you wondering how to improve your services on the website or an e-commerce platform? - It’s all about the user. We can partner with you in order to create an excellent user experience that makes a lasting and outstanding impression among your customers. Effective user interface design increases both customer satisfaction and your business results ;)


Let’s rock the market together!

We reach out to the right person with a right message in a right time, every time. Our individual attitude towards your and your clients’ needs makes the big difference. We are constantly monitoring the effects and the development of our work aiming for the best results. We are always ready to react to any dynamic changes that are happening in the virtual world. Share our experience and expertise in digital marketing and let your clients find you!

We are official partner of Google!



We run campaigns that are perfectly suited for your needs and requirements and we always precede them with thorough analysis of your brand and your competition. By raising brand awareness of your company among customers and potential clients we strengthen your market position and make your brand remarkable.



We run social media accounts for the global players and smaller companies. We operate on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin or Youtube effectively engaging social media users in discussions, special events and the life of your brand. Let us tell your brand story!



Unique content is the key to driving audience attention. We specialize in copywriting, dedicated articles, as well as creating content for press ads and webpages. Our creative team is always ready to work according to your needs and requirements.


The results of our work

Curious what we create? Check the wide range of examples of our previous projects ;)

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Our clients


You’re not from Europe? No problem for us!

We always make sure to successfully adapt our operating hours to different time zones and business environments. We have already had clients from USA and Australia so we are open for the new ones ;)

Wordpress and Magento platforms customized by us are serving millions of visitors per year no matter what country area they are implemented in.


We have already worked with several clients from different european countries like Ireland, Switzerland, France and Italy. We are always more than happy to cooperate with variety of clients - so let’s work together!

There is no language barrier - we can offer you needed services in multiple languages for both communication and programming.

our clients


If you have any questions or need a quote for some incoming projects, feel free to use the following form.
We will answer within 24 hours.

Contact details

IVN Sp. z o.o.
NIP 9452223855

Wieniawskiego 66/2
31-436 Krakow, Poland

Mobile: +48 793 397 021
+48 793 397 023
Telephone: +48 12 44 55 840

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