About Us

Ordinary people. Extraordinary work.

We are a digital agency based in Kraków (Poland) with 13 years of experiences as software house and provider of marketing and design services. Always engaged in anything that is creative and multimedia related - we are driven by the newest technologies and upcoming trends.

We thrive on challenges! In our everyday work we combine the attractiveness with the effectiveness. We are not scared to take on any difficult task. We love to share our expertise and experience, as well as creative thinking skills.

We are versatile! We create customized solutions keeping in minds those that we have already developed and tested. Since the fresh start of our business we have completed dozens of projects, each of them being unique and requiring individual approach.


Our values


We build long term business relationships based on trust and transparency. Our production process is framed on the Agile methodology.

On time

We always meet deadlines thanks to the realistic estimations & roadmaps, precise time tracking and massive experience.


We are always focused on delivering the maximum business value in the shortest possible time, within the most effective budget.

In touch

Our customer service is available all the time on Slack, Skype, e-mail or phone every working day. You can always get in touch with us.

Got a vision or idea?

Let's make it alive together.


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